Chiswick House & Gardens

Pictures in the landscape




We designed interpretation and wayfinding signage for the restoration of Chiswick House Gardens.

English Heritage wanted to place paintings and photographs from the Chiswick House collection around the park in the positions they were originally painted from, along with interpretation for visitors.

Inspired by the en plein air approach of the impressionists, our idea was to set the contemporary view in an empty picture frame on an easel alongside the original.

Style guide for the Chiswick Park visual identity

We designed ten sculptural, robust easels with cast bronze-aluminium picture frames which were placed around the park, along with walking trails interpretation leaflets. The interpretation panels were designed with a colour palette that referenced the interior decoration of the house, which William Kent designed to be an integral part of the gardens.

Our wayfinding and orientation signage established a bold, modern format to complement the historic buildings and landscape, including a wild bird interpretation panel which we created as a montage of our own photography.

We worked with the Chiswick House Trust to produce leaflets and posters for events and activities, education materials for informal learning and table coverings for the café, reverse-engineering from this work a graphic style guide for the house and gardens.