Motion graphics, short films and animation

We produce film and animation for exhibitions and heritage, corporate presentations and more, working with archive and bespoke video, audio and static images from collections to bring life to interpretation.


The journey of a tin of paint – concept and  design. Produced in Cinema 4D/Maxwell Render/After Effects with original music.

 Mylands anniversary banner modelled in C4D, rendered in Maxwell, (very subtly) animated in After Effects

Mylands anniversary banner modelled in C4D, rendered in Maxwell, (very subtly) animated in After Effects

Christmas eCard animated in After Effects from a single still photograph for the Crown Estate set to our original music.

Happy Chinese New Year at PwC UK offices, animated from stills.

How to hang wallpaper is wallpaperdirect's unique guide to the subject. Concept, design and script. Production in After Effects and Cinema 4D with in-house voice and original music.

How to wallpaper those tricky bits…
Cinema 4D / Maxwell Render / Photoshop / After Effects.
Concept, design, script, voiceover and music.

Food – the threats of waste, food for fuel and climate change.

Research, concept, script, design – After Effects / Photoshop


Easyjet's very first TV advert (1995)


Explosive danger. A short film about Nitrogycerine and Dynamite from the Wat Tyler Centre. After Effects / original music.

Turning a 2D still into 3D video at Queen Mary, University of London

Video attractor loop for Post War Shopping touchscreen for Newham Heritage Service's Old Dispensary

Pollution – one of four silent, looped movies researched, written and animated for the Green Centre.

Bringing historic photography to life – a 3D sequence from a still in a pitch to the William Morris Gallery

Remarkable Luftwaffe film showing aerial bombing targets for London, filmed using a huge physical model. Part of the Wat Tyler exhibition. Side titles and labels courtesy of Dotco.

Video interviews with the Carbon Trust for the Green Centre exhibition.

Shoot / Final Cut Pro / After Effects

Post war shopping in Newham – freezers, fridges and planes

Animation to demonstrate our design for a custom in-store kiosk.

3D design / Cinema 4D / Maxwell Render / After Effects