Green Centre

A window on a sustainable future




Film & animation


The Green Centre is an exciting place to find out more about environmental challenges to modern life, and to learn straightforward ways we can all approach the little things we do every day with the environment in mind. The Green Centre exhibition considers global warming and the wider issues of travel and transport, consumerism and our attitudes to water and farming.

It's also an exemplar green building and a living showcase for exciting sustainable products and low carbon innovation.

We looked after every aspect of the design, from researching and writing the content to producing physical and digital interpretation including iPads with a recycling game. We produced film contributions from the Carbon Trust, Sensible Heat and organic cotton fashion house Gossypium, and animated a series of overview videos exploring pollution, water, food and power.

The Green Centre is based in the refurbished former home of the Motorboat Museum at Wat Tyler Country Park. It's now home to the Essex Field Club.


A bamboo bike showcases natural materials used in innovative ways. The humble shopping trolley reduces pollution by cutting out car journeys.