We've just rebranded and launched a new web presence for the Sheerness Dockyard Preservation Trust at sdpt.org.uk 

The site will be a focal point for information and news as they embark on their huge project to rescue and transform Sheerness dockyard church, the architectural masterpiece marking the entrance to the huge new naval dockyard at Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey built in the early 1820s.

An original drawing for the front elevation was meticulously traced to create this new image, which was progressively simplified to use in the logotype.


The branding design foregrounds the architecture, using the church in the logotype and featuring details from the building to showcase the quality of the Grade II listed design. Our campaign motto putting Sheerness back on the map reflects how the dockyard church project will restore not just an important local landmark, but pride to an economically deprived community.

Details like this ionic capital were photographed and overlaid with a diagonal line screen focusing on the craftsmanship and evoking architectural blueprints

We've designed the identity and developed the website in a little over seven weeks since the first branding workshop for trustees, and have delivered a kit of parts to support design of communications including visual identity guidelines, stationery and responsive templates for email signatures.

The Trust are now moving to an intensive fundraising phase to match their £4.75m award from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The new web presence and visual identity provides a basis for clear communications throughout the life of the project.

We're now turning our attention to high level ideas on the display and interpretation of the huge (1600 square feet) architectural model of the dockyard, commissioned to show Rennie's remarkable design, which will be put on public display in the restored church.