With Ellis in Disneyland Paris
Give us a lick of that lolly!
Ellis at the Science Museum
Spencer at the Science Museum
Joyce with Ellis
Pete’s mum, at the park near her house in Bournemouth
On the beach in Portugal
Gaynor in Lisbon
Smiling at her lovely husband Pete : )
Gaynor on a seafront square in Lisbon
Disguising herself with sunglasses
Relaxing in Cornwall
Relaxing in Cornwall
A lovely lily, showing off
Spencer & Ellis
At a clothes market in Tokyo, Japan
Spencer, Gaynor & Ellis
Having a wander in downtown Tokyo, Japan
Spencer’s graduation
Passing with flying colours at Bristol University
Ellis & Gaynor
Relax on the beach in the Algarve
The boys
Pete & Gaynor
On the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy
Pete & Gaynor
In Venice, Italy outside the same bar they'd visited more than thirty years ago.
Ice cream fiend
Gaynor on the waterfront in Lisbon, Portugal
Spencer, Pete & Ellis
Outside the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona, Spain
Ellis at the helm
On the kayak with Pete at Cuckmere Haven
Windswept Gaynor
On the beach promenade in Spain
The Queen would be proud
Ellis & Gaynor at his graduation ceremony – passed with flying colours, of course
Ellis graduation
The excitement is mounting…
Gaynor afloat
On the kayak with Pete at Cuckmere Haven
Flower cat
A massive cat, made out of flowers in Bilbao, Spain
Ice cream fiends
Caught at it again, this time on the beach at Seaford
Spencer & Ellis make the best babysitters in the world at brother-in-law Graham’s birthday party
In Palermo, Sicily
What, no ice creams?
Another lovely day at Seaford Head
Chiara & Spencer
With his lovely girlfriend on his birthday at a Mexican restaurant
And another ice cream
Tucking in again, this time at Sheffield Park
Gaynor in Spain
A blustery day
Spencer, Ellis & Gaynor on an xmas walk to Cuckmere Haven
The Severn Sisters
From Cuckmere Haven
Wet & windy…
…or Gaynor & Pete as you might prefer to call them
A visit to Raystede
The place with rescued animals, a charity shop and a café
Millenium Green
Stopping for a chinwag on a stroll round the Millennium Green, just over the road from Copper Beech
10 miles
Bobby the village dog from França, Portugal followed us for a 10 mile hike into the mountains
Here’s Bobby
What do you mean, you haven’t got an ice cream?
A cat’s life
Shell takes it easy after a demanding morning (of demanding food, mainly)
Big views
Gaynor atop a hill after a delicious lunch in northern Portugal
At the races
A family walk at xmas to the top of Lewes racecourse
Pauline & Gaynor
Best friends enjoy a meal at our house in Lewes
7 St Anne’s
Our house in lovely Lewes, just 15 minutes from Copper Beech
Lovely lunch
A romantic meal on a mountain top in Northern Portugal
Spencer on our family trip to Rome
Up to his neck
Ellis buried chin deep in in sand on the beach at Bournemouth
Spencer on holiday in Turkey
Ellis takes a swim in the most southerly beach in Asia
Aye, aye
Gaynor in the prow of a little boat in Bergen, Norway
Spencer at the helm
Fantastic holiday in Norway with a boat thrown in
Bonfire night
What we see from our doorstep in Lewes every November 5th