Women at Queen Mary

Exhibition and oral history at the People’s Palace




Film & animation

The Women at Queen Mary exhibition told the story of Women at Queen Mary, University of London from 1850 until the present day.

We worked with the QMUL archive team to design a striking exhibition hosted in the historic Octagon on Mile End Road. We designed a distinctive brand for the exhibition, with a colour palette that would sit sympathetically with the interior.

The exhibition included a huge collection of photos, manuscripts and student magazines digitised for the exhibition and for legacy digital applications.

We used Compaq iPaq PDAs (way before the iPad...) to deliver re-enacted oral histories on series of 6 mini-touchscreen listening posts, with each recording referenced in the interpretation panels.

Interpretation panels are cross-linked to oral history listening posts throughout the exhibition
The enormous scale of the space allowed for in-depth exploration under eight distinct themes
The colour palette for the panels echoed the books displayed on the library shelves above
Our logo for the exhibition incorporated the Venus symbol, turning the OM in women to QM for Queen Mary
The small PDA screen dictated a very simple user interface for the oral history listening posts