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Barts Heritage

Website and interpretation planning at London’s oldest hospital

We designed a comprehensive Interpretation Plan for the Sharing Barts Heritage project as part of their 2022 NHLF bid, focused on the restoration and opening up of James Gibbs’ North Wing in the run up to the Barts 900 anniversary celebrations.

Developed in step with proposals from architects Purcell and activity planners Jane Frederick and Chloe Bird, our interpretation proposals include a subtle mix of physical and digital interventions across the site designed with a unified look and feel inspired by the Great Hall donor boards. 

The  Barts Heritage website

The project website was also our design, and digital interpretation on the site includes a 360° tour of the dramatic Great Hall and three short films designed around photographs from the Barts Archives and library footage from the 1970s, along with a 360° video shoot in the Square.

Health & wellbeing – Barts heritage website
Clinical and portrait photography by Matthew Andrews documents life at Barts during the Covid pandemic.

The Hogarth paintings

Interpretation explores two vast canvases by William Hogarth that form the backdrop of the staircase to the Great Hall. 

Hogarth, better known for satirical etchings, made these enormous paintings free, establishing himself as a ‘history painter’ for the first time. 

The biblical images of the Good Samaritan and the Pool of Bethesda explore a huge range of medical conditions, interpreted in close up on the website by experts from Barts.

Heritage, health & wellbeing

The restoration will open access to the Great Hall and Hogarth Stair, and improve displays and facilities in the museum and archives.

The refreshed and reinterpreted heritage spaces, collections and activities will be designed to promote wellbeing for staff, patients and visitors.

The heritage buildings and interiors at Barts Hospital
Interpretation includes three short films designed around images from the Barts Hospital Archives.
Interpretation includes three short films designed around images from the Barts Hospital Archives.
Financial sustainability will be a cornerstone of the heritage spaces, and venue hire will be important going forward.
Barts Heritage website – home page

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