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Green centre

Climate change exhibition exploring the ways we use and source power, water and food

We designed the permanent exhibition at the green centre to engage visitors with the weighty issues of climate change and global warming through everyday things that touch everybody’s lives.

A very open brief saw us plan, research and write an exhibition that tells the story through a mixture of video, graphics, digital interactives and a living showcase for sustainable products and low carbon innovation.

We produced a series of short films including extensive contributions from the Carbon Trust, and animated a series of overview videos exploring pollution, water, food and power.

The Green Centre is a sustainable HLF funded exemplar refurbishment of the former Motorboat Museum at Wat Tyler Country Park. It’s now home to the Essex Field Club.

Personal point of view

Exhibits put a focus on individual contributions to climate change, including practical advice on simple lifestyle changes everybody can engage with to make small but collectively significant positive change.

Exhibits include simple household cleaning products alongside advanced smart meters and a bamboo bicycle. iPad interactives include a recycling challenge inviting users to sort a conveyor belt of household waste for efficient recycling.

Wall displays include simple but practical exhibits like a shopping trolley for greener shopping trips, and a bike with a frame made from quick growing bamboo.
Green centre
iPad interactives include in-depth advice and analysis from the Carbon Trust, and interviews with organic cotton fashion manufacturers.
Concept design for a new green generation of phone designed to charge itself using body heat in your pocket.
A huge mural runs the length of the exhibition, exploring the main themes of food, water and power, with illustrations by Anna-Kaisa Jormanainen.