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Tag: exhibitions & interpretation

Chiswick House & Gardens

We designed the signage at Chiswick Park as part of a major restoration of the historic landscape.
Our concept included ten easels framing views around the park against paintings and photographs made at each location.
Our visual identity extended to wayfinding and interpretation signs, print guides and café table top interpretation.

Green Centre

The Green Centre is a wonderful example of how we can work with projects at every stage of development from concept to delivery.
We researched, curated, designed and produced the permanent exhibition at the Green Centre, including a green innovation showcase, digital and mechanical interactives, video production and displays.

Queen Mary’s Hospital

We’ve produced several exhibitions for the world famous amputee rehabilitation centre at Queen Mary’s Hospital, working closely with their Museum and Archive Group.
We co-curated, designed and produced the permanent exhibition Care Kit & Courage, exploring the world-leading hospital and limb fitting centre from its establishment during the First World War and following its development right through to modern times.

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